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Hello, I’m Mirei. Welcome to my site. Here l display small works of casual Japanese calligraphy. You can also purchase it, so if you are interested, please visit my shop on minne. The proceeds from the sale will be used for the operating expenses of my private school in Japan. I teach Japanese calligraphy, mathematics, and English to the children at that school. Please help us provide affordable, high-quality education to our children!

Mirei’s shop page (supported by minne)

In Japan, disparities in educational standards have become serious since the 2000s. It is difficult for economically disadvantaged households and single mother households to provide their children with a sufficient education. On the other hand, even in economically wealthy families, concerns about the future economic situation have encouraged only practical education, and education about traditional culture has come to be neglected. Concerned about this situation, I started a small private school that provides support for students in math and English studies, as well as education in the traditional culture of Japanese calligraphy.

Mirei’s private school named “FUTABA SHA”

*This school’s site is written in only Japanese.