a poem that sings of a beautiful landscape


This poem is a typical descriptive song that sings of a beautiful landscape. Around dawn in winter, I woke up and looked outside. As the darkness of night lightened, the river mist gradually thinned and the fishing posts that can only be seen on the Uji River began to come into view.

This poem was written by Fujiwara no Sadayori (995-1045).

He was a hobbyist who excelled in calligraphy and musical instruments, and rose to the rank of Shonii Gon Chunagon (Senior Second Rank).

During the Heian period, when this poem was written, the area around the Uji River was a famous resort area, where many villas were built for aristocrats.

The sight of fishing posts lined up along the shallows of the river would have seemed beautiful and interesting to the aristocrats of the capital.